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About Us

We’re dynamo, Latin America’s most prolific and successful audiovisual production company, with over 13 national and international productions under our belt since 2006, including cinema, television and new formats. We’ve worked with co-producers and/or clients in the US, Spain, Germany, France, Mexico and Peru, to name only a few, and many of our productions have won international awards.

  • We offer innovative and universal content and formats (for film, TV and new media) developed by our own team working with clients/producers to make sure each specific need is met.
  • We offer a multifaceted, 100% bilingual team with more than 20 years of combined international experience in the creative and technical branches of film and TV.
  • We offer integral back office support (the only production company in Latin America to do so), guaranteeing foreign producers the highest quality and transparency in financial, accounting, legal, fiscal and administrative processes.
  • We offer an exclusive network of contacts with talent agencies, international producers, Hispanic actors, government agencies and private businesses to support any production on all fronts.