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The Colombian-Peruvian film “Undertow” has been selected in the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

The debut film written and directed by Javier Fuentes-León has been selected for the next edition of the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

This prestigious festival was founded by Robert Redford in 1978, stands out as the event’s largest independent Film Festival in the U.S. and the platform for the introduction of world class cinema to the American market.

Thus the “Undertow” continues to reap victories after winning the applause of the public and press, and the prize for “Sebastiano” for best film with gay themes in the past San Sebastian Film Festival (Spain) in September 2009.

The film features Manolo Cardona from Colombia, Cristian Mercado from Bolivia and Tatiana Astengo from Peru in the lead roles. Filmed in Peru, the film is a co-production between Peru, Germany, France and the Colombian production company Dynamo.

“There are more than 600 films presented for consideration annually at Sundance, so it is a great honor to be selected among only 16 international films participating in the Sundance World Dramatic section. In this way we continue positioning the film on Colombia’s best film festivals worldwide.” Said the Colombian producer Rodrigo Guerrero, who repeated in its wake Sundance with” Dog Eat Dog “(2008) and” Maria Full of Grace “(2004).

The Sundance Film Festival will be held in Park City, Utah (USA) from 21 to 31 January 2010.


Miguel is a village fisherman, married and about to be a father, who has a secret affair with Santiago, an artist and outsider. Miguel faces a great dilemma when Santiago accidentally drowns and returns from the dead to ask him to find his body at sea and to bury him according to the rituals of the people so that his soul rests. To do so would reveal his relationship with Santiago, and ruining his marriage and reputation. Failing which he would sentence him to wander forever.

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